Embryo Transfer
In simple terms, the process involves treating donor ewes with hormones to substantially increase the number of eggs they produce at a particular time, fertilizing these eggs and allowing them to go through initial growth in the donor ewe, then harvesting these embryos and transferring them to recipient ewes that have been synchronized to the same heat pattern as that of the donor ewe.
The process has a high degree of technical input and is comprised of a series of events and procedures that all require successful completion if a satisfactory outcome is to be achieved. Appropriate management and attention to detail is a critical ingredient.
  • Embryo collection, transfer and freezing
    • The 'Hands Free' ET centre facility "Carinya" is specially designed to standardise treatment of all donor ewes with nutrition and management. For any given ET program, we have an experienced team consisting of 2 - 3 veterinarians, 1-2 embryologists, 1-2 technicians and 1-3 sheep handling and preparation staff. MAB has an effective freezing method suitable for domestic use and export protocols.
  • When you book an embryo transfer program with Macquarie Artificial Breeders , there are two options.
    • If you don't have the time, we've got Hands Free ET. The Hands Free program where the donors and the recipients are run at our ET centre where all programming and feeding is taken care of. On the day of flushing, the embryos are collected from the donors and transferred fresh into our recipients at the ET centre. The recipient ewes are then pregnancy tested at 40-60 days. Therefore you only take home recipients guaranteed to be carrying pregnancies.
    • The Chilled program where the donors are run at our ET centre and the recipients are run on your own property. The procedures for the recipients are essentially the same as a run of the mill AI program. On the day of flushing, the embryos are collected, chilled, transported and transferred the same afternoon, or the next day depending on the number of donor ewes. We guarantee 50 % take rate of transferred embryos at a 10 week pregnancy tests.
Embryo Transfer consent form    Download from here.>>
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Ewe health statement for ET Centre  Download from here.>>
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Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination
Whether you have 100 or 2000 ewes to AI, MAB will coordinate a program that has been tailored to your requirements.

We will supply all the equipment and treatment drugs and a detailed schedule of procedures. The MAB team is always available to answer any questions to make sure that the program runs as smoothly as possible.
Artificial Insemination Request & Consent Form Download from here. >>
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Semen Collection, Processing and Storage
Licensed ram semen is collected on centre from the MAB on site ram shed.
Semen can be processed into either pellets or straws for domestic or international markets.

Semen Sample

MAB have conducted AI and ET programs on many of Australia's most prominent breeds including Merino, Poll Merino, Dohne, Dorper, White Dorper, Suffolk, White Suffolk, Poll Dorset, Dorset Horn, Corriedale, Border Leicester, SAMM, Texel, East Friesian and Hampshire Downs.
White Dorper
Poll Dorset
East Freisian
Hampshire Downs
White Suffolks
Border Leicester
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